Genetics and Data Science (GDS) is a new multidisciplinary training area of the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. This program offers students educational and research opportunities in cutting edge genetics and genomics science, as well as the integration of various disciplines of biomedical sciences with machine learning, network modeling, and big data analysis. We are excited to begin training talented students to lead future research projects in this high-impact and rapidly evolving field that is changing modern medicine as we know it.

Program Overview

Starting in 2018 we are accepting applicants for our new Genetics and Data Science (GDS) multidisciplinary training area of the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. We intend to couple our world class data science research programs with an equally strong initiative to educate the next generation of leaders in this field.

Students have a unique opportunity for close personal mentorship from over 50 internationally prominent faculty members working in data science. This close level of mentorship is enabled by our high faculty-to-student ratio, due to the explosive growth of our data science research programs prior to developing our graduate training programs focused on data science.

GDS offers a number of graduate courses in genetics, genomics, genome analysis, and data science with an emphasis on both the contribution of genetics to human disease and the application of biomedical data science to address disease detection, prediction, and treatment. Our supportive learning environment encourages team research and frequent communications with students and faculty in a disease-oriented and patient-focused research program.

We offer a competitive support package that includes direct compensation, the full cost of tuition, a comprehensive medical healthcare package, and guaranteed access to highly affordable Mount Sinai housing.

We Are Growing

Our Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences ranks 4th nationally in total NIH funding, with 184 basic science and clinical research faculty and offers access to state-of-the-art capabilities in genomic technologies, data science research, high performance computation, large-scale data resources and sample biobanks. In recent years, the major growth area in the Department has been in recruiting world-class biomedical data science faculty, contributing to Mount Sinai being ranked by Fast Company among the top 10 most innovative data science organizations in the world.

The Department currently runs many highly successful educational programs related to genetics research and medical genetics, and we are thrilled to expand our data science research programs with this new training area in Genetics and Data Science.