Icahn Institute for
Data Science and
Genomic Technology

We harness global biomedical data to predict novel therapies…
We develop technologies to profile disease and test novel therapies…
We translate novel therapies to benefit patients…
Faster than has even been possible.

Team Values

We believe that disrupting the pace of biomedical discovery requires doing science differently. So we work as one team—including world leading data scientists, technology innovators, and disease experts—based on a set of shared values.

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What’s good for the patient supersedes all else.

That’s why we’re all here.

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As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

We emphasize rigor and reproducibility in research by reducing complex studies to clear, simple goals, study designs, and presentation of results.

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So many cool questions, too little time.

Everything we do drives our core goal of integrating data science, genomic technology, and disease experts to predict, test, and bring to patients breakthrough therapies faster.

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Integrating the world’s data to advance human health is the ultimate team sport.

We are committed to sharing ideas, data, technologies, code, and knowledge with each other and with the broader community.

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There are no ivory towers here.

We support innovators across disciplines, backgrounds, and experience levels, and reward people based on contributions toward curing disease through advanced data science and genomic technologies.

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Our shared values create a culture of synergy.

By focusing on core goals, sharing openly, and valuing contributions and deliverables, we can benefit patients by setting ambitious goals that are only possible through maximizing synergies across our team.

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We’re committed to consistently delivering quality results to disrupt the pace of scientific innovation.

We value proactive, ambitious, can-do thinking, and expect, measure, and reward outstanding performance in every role.

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Data Science


Breakthroughs in molecular profiling technology have enabled clinical and research organizations across the world to routinely generate comprehensive molecular profiles of patient derived samples. We integrate patient derived data from across the Mount Sinai health system and from studies across the world. We analyze these data with advanced computational methods to infer molecular classifiers of disease subtypes and infer causal molecular mechanisms underlying disease, in order to predict novel patient-tailored therapies and therapeutic targets.

Genomic Technology


We tightly integrate data-driven therapeutic predictions with experimental technologies for testing these predicted therapies in functional models of disease. We develop engineering approaches to recapitulate an individual patient’s disease; apply technologies such as CRISPR gene editing and high throughput drug screening to modulate predicted therapeutic targets; and develop new technologies to measure the effect of such perturbations at up to single molecule resolution. We also develop and apply novel genomic and immunologic profiling technologies, such as for obtaining high resolution single cell measurements, which are used to infer improved predictions of therapies.

Precision Therapies


As we integrate data analysis and genomic technology to infer and validate novel therapies, we aim to rapidly translate these discoveries to benefit patients. We continue to build on our previous work in developing curative therapies based on genetic analysis of mendelian diseases, and are tackling complex diseases, such as cancer, through designing clinical trials and delivering patient specific therapies, faster than has even been possible, and enabled by the rapid integration of data driven therapeutic predictions, genomic technologies for therapeutic testing, and rapid translation to patient benefit.